HP/Track Radial Front
HP/Track Radial Rear
Sport/Tour Radial Front
Sport/Tour Radial Rear
Sport/Tour Bias Front
Sport/Tour Bias Rear
Cruiser Radial Front
Cruiser Radial Rear
Cruiser Bias Front
Cruiser Bias Rear
Scooter Rad. Front
Scooter Rad. Rear
Scooter Front
Scooter Rear
Scooter Front/Rear
Dual/Enduro Radial Front
Dual/Enduro Radial Rear
Dual/Enduro Bias Front
Dual/Enduro Bias Rear
Dual/Enduro Bias Front/Rear
Trial Competition
Motorcross Front
Motorcross Rear
Motorcross Front/Rear

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