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Speed Rating /

Load Range

Sidewall Retail Price
AE122510SP GBC SPARTACUS 25X10R12 D D BL 80.78
AE122508SP GBC SPARTACUS 25X8R12 D D BL 70.48
AE122610SP GBC SPARTACUS 26X10R12 D D BL 90.64
AE122612SP GBC SPARTACUS 26X12R12 D D BL 99.20
AE142611SP GBC SPARTACUS 26X11R14 D D BL 99.03
AE142609SP GBC SPARTACUS 26X9R14 D D BL 83.33
AE142711SP GBC SPARTACUS 27X11R14 D D BL 106.15
AE142709SP GBC SPARTACUS 27X9R14 D D BL 88.21

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