New premium brand all-season Sport Touring radial for the price conscious rider.

Product # Description

Speed Rating /

Load Range

Sidewall Retail Price
0244075 CONTI MOTION R 69W 150/70ZR17 W BL 134.00
0244034 CONTI MOTION R 69W 160/60ZR17 W BL 113.00
0244076 CONTI MOTION R 72W 170/60ZR17 W BL 115.00
0244020 CONTI MOTION R ECE73W 180/55ZR17 W BL 224.00
0255020 CONTI MOTION R WO/ECE 180/55ZR17 W BL 145.80
0255022 CONTI MOTION W/O ECE 190/50ZR17 W BL 152.48
0255030 CONTI MOTION 200/50ZR17 W BL 160.28

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